An elegant presentation box

An elegant presentation box

Friday, December 21st, 2018

As part of the package when booking Lindsey Arber Photography as your wedding photographer, the edited images are supplied on a USB in an elegant presentation box. You can’t beat seeing your photos in print, so a selection of 20 6″x4″ photos are also included.

2018 brings change

I have always liked to make sure my wedding clients are provided with a nice USB box. This is after all keeping your USB safe which holds all of the digital images to your wedding day. The start of 2018 bought a lot of changes for the business. One of those being that I was now focusing on wedding photography. As mentioned in a previous blog post, this was great timing for a new logo and a wedding brochure to go with it. 

A new logo

The new logo represents the style and quality of the business perfectly. It also hints that you are choosing a high end service when booking with us. The change in the presentation box ties in and better represents the new style of logo.

Deciding on the new presentation boxes

It took a lot of searching to find the final product I decided to go with. Choosing for the presentation boxes to be grey was an easy decision, stylish and practical. I wanted the USB sticks to be simple and elegant, which the mix of glass and silver achieves. A selection of prints is a great way to show off some of the highlights of the day, before even using the USB. The prints can then stay in the box for you to look through on those occasions you have the USB out. I tend to include a selection of detailed shots and some of the couple themselves. Anyone who has planned a wedding will know the details take so long to plan. When bought together on the day they are a huge part of the wedding. Couples that book us as their wedding photographers also love our detailed shots. So it makes sense to be able to have some of those to appreciate in print. 

So the time spent choosing the right presentation boxes to fit the brand was well worth it. They have been received so well by all of our 2018 couples, and are the perfect finishing touch for our newlyweds. 


If you are getting married in 2019 or 2020 and are yet to book your wedding photographer, get in touch and we can discuss your photography requirements. We also have some offers for you to make the most of!