Monique & Matt’s Pre Shoot

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

So its been a little while since Monique & Matt’s Pre Shoot back in May but as I was backing up some jobs and had another look through, I just had to share some more with you.

This lovely couple will be getting married in September and I can’t wait to get back to the church in Great Bowden to take more photos. We should by then also have some autumnal colours on the trees which will only add to the photos even more (I have mentioned this a few times before BUT Autumn is my favourite time of the year!).

After their ceremony on the day it will be on to Foxton Locks for the celebrations with their guests, which means even more photo opportunities…in between canapés and bubbles that is!

Booking a Pre Shoot in before your wedding day is always a good idea as it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other a bit, to talk through your plans of the day and to try out some of the photo ideas before the day itself. Pre Shoots are always relaxed and fun! Chatting and laughing our way through was definitely something we did for this session.

Here are some more of my favourites from their Pre Wedding Shoot…PreShoot_001 PreShoot_007 PreShoot_011 PreShoot_015 PreShoot_017

Recent Newborn Sessions

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Its has been quite busy in the studio recently with Newborn Sessions, Cake Smash Sessions, Nursery Photoshoots and Weddings, so I thought I would share some more photos with you all from a few recent Newborn Sessions which include Jacob, John and Isla.

For Jacob and Isla’s newborn sessions we also included some sibling photos with their big brothers who did an amazing job! For these photos we always have parents sitting just to the side, or even supporting baby depending on the siblings age. Its always important to be careful during newborn sessions and put safety first which is why composite photos and a bit of clever editing in photoshop are always handy.

A new favourite at the moment is the black and white photos with the parents holding their newborns. This is such a simple photo to capture as baby is actually lying comfortably on a dark backdrop on top of the bean bag. The parents then lean in and place their hands around the little ones to make it look as though they are holding baby up to the camera. With a bit of editing on the background in photoshop, you would never know this was the case.

If you would like to get your newborn session booked in, then contact us today.

Jacob-001 Jacob-002 Jacob-003 Jacob-004 John_006 John_011 John_017 John_022 John_024SB_012 SB_011 SB_023

Willows Newborn Photos

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Its been a while since Willow was in the studio for her newborn photos, but finally I have had a chance to pull together some of my favourites from her session to share with you all.

We started with a yellow set up with Willow wearing what was at the time, one of the latest additions to the newborn outfits available to use during newborn sessions. The outfit works so well with the colour of the back drop and is a lovely girly touch to the photos, it also fitted Willow perfectly!

We then switched on to one of the darker set ups and this time Willow was wrapped in one of the studios newborn wraps, keeping her cosy with the finishing touch of a bow. We had a wide awake Willow for these photos who decided she wanted to watch what was happening around her, which gave us the chance to get some of those eyes open photos.

I always mention bringing along sentimental items to the newborn sessions if parents have something that they would like to include in the photos. This time we had the lovely wooden letters spelling Willows name. I kept the set up for this photo light and airy to match the letters using the white faux fur as a backdrop.

As it has been a while since Willows Newborn Photos, I can imagine she has probably already changed lots since these were taken, so its nice to think that her parents now have these to look back on from when she was tiny.

If you would like to book in for your Newborn Session, please get in touch today to discuss any ideas you might have.

NewbornPhotography1 NewbornPhotography2 NewbornPhotography3

Jake’s Newborn Session

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

How gorgeous is Jake?! Here are some of my favourites from his newborn session. With these images being ordered as a mixture of digitals, prints and a framed image, i’m sure they are going to look lovely once up on the walls.

If you would like more info on booking a newborn session, please contact us today so we can help with any questions.

Jake_001 Jake_005 Jake_008 Jake_011 Jake_013 Jake_015

Hunters Newborn Session

Friday, May 26th, 2017

A few of my favourites from a recent newborn session with baby Hunter who had the most amazing eye lashes!

Hunter did a great job at sleeping his way through the photos with mum and dad which meant we got to pose him on his front for the photo in dads arms. Its always nice getting to pose babies in their parents arms as it shows just how tiny they are.

We then had a mix of sleeping and awake photos for the rest of his newborn session. Even when he was awake, Hunter was more than happy just staring in to the lens whilst I snapped away.

How cute is he?!


©LindseyArberPhotography_002 ©LindseyArberPhotography_003 ©LindseyArberPhotography_004
Newborn Session

A pre shoot at Keythorpe Manor

Friday, May 26th, 2017

I can’t wait to be back at Keythorpe Manor tomorrow with our lovely bride & groom to be, Katherine and Ed!

We met up for their pre shoot at the start of the month, which gave us a great chance to explore the grounds as it was my first time at Keythorpe Manor. As soon as your enter the grounds you are spoilt for choice on where to take photos. The beautiful manor itself provides a lovely backdrop, or the many winding paths through the grounds, and all of this is surrounded by countryside.

Elmo also joined us for some photos, and all though he was a little excited as it was also his first time at Keythorpe, he was amazing in front of the camera!

So tomorrow we will be recreating some of these photos of the newlyweds and I can’t wait to see how the photos on the swing turn out with the bride and groom in a gown and suit!


PreShoot_004 PreShoot_005 PreShoot_011 PreShoot_012 PreShoot_018 PreShoot_019

Darcy’s Newborn Shoot

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

A few more favourites to share from a recent newborn shoot with baby Darcy in the studio.

For this session I couldn’t wait to try out the new olive coloured backdrop and wrap, a set which Darcy slept through. And although we had a matching headband for this set, Darcy was definitely happier keeping things simple with the wrap only. I just love how she kept a hold on her foot for this set up.

We then moved on to a more girly set which included the pink backdrop, and for the photo of Darcy’s feet in mum’s hands, we added in the couples rings which highlight how tiny her feet are even more!

©LindseyArberPhotography_001 ©LindseyArberPhotography_002 ©LindseyArberPhotography_003 ©LindseyArberPhotography_004

Toby’s Sitter Session

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

With sitter sessions being introduced to the studio recently, its great to see how popular they are! Here are my favourites from when Toby revisited the studio for his Sitter Session.

The last time Toby was in the studio he was a newborn, so it was lovely to have him back in to see how much he has changed. Although I love the more serious posed photos and the nice smiley faces, I love the photos of him blowing raspberries and playing hide and seek with his blanket.

Sitter Sessions can be booked as an individual session or as part of the ‘Watch Me Grow’ package and are best to book around 6-9months stage once your little one is able to sit up un-supported.

Toby_005Toby_008 Toby_020 Toby_021 Toby_023

Baby Emilie’s Newborn Session

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Its been a little while now since Emilie’s newborn session so I thought I would share a few more photos from her shoot with you all.

The  black and white photo of Emilie yawning has to be one of my all time favourites! I just love how simple it is. How comfy Emilie looks swaddled in one of our wraps, and this was taken just as she was drifting off to sleep (up until this point she had been wide awake watching us taking photos!). Its definitely one that works as a black and white photo so no attention is drawn away from all her tiny little features.

We also had to get a few including the teddy bear, as Emilie has a grandma who loves collecting bears, so for her it would make the perfect photo…especially the one where Emilie gave us a cheeky smile and wink!

If you would like to book your newborn in for a session at the studio then contact us today.

Emilie_005Emilie_004 Emilie_009 Emilie_014 Emilie_019 Emilie_028-Colour

Amy & Jakes Pre Wedding Shoot

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

I recently got to meet up with Amy & Jake again as it was time for their pre wedding shoot, with their wedding only a few weeks away! So off we headed to the beautiful Bassmead Manor Barns to take at look around their chosen venue, discuss last minute details ahead of their big day and to take some photos around the grounds to show the type of photos we could get on the day itself.

We were spoilt for choice for photo opportunities with the tree lined drive leading to the venue, the surrounding landscape of fields as far as the eye could see, and the barn yards surrounded by the stream.

On top of all these options for the photos, we also had the sun shining to finish it all off. I can’t wait to get back to the barns and to recreate some of these with soon to be newlyweds. Here are my favourites for you to take a look through….

©LindseyArberPhotography_001 ©LindseyArberPhotography_002 ©LindseyArberPhotography_003 ©LindseyArberPhotography_004 ©LindseyArberPhotography_005 ©LindseyArberPhotography_006 ©LindseyArberPhotography_007