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Inspiring ideas for your perfect wedding cake

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Today we are bringing you a very tasty blog with a show of some of our favourite wedding cakes from this years weddings. With these various styles of fabulous wedding cakes photographed so far throughout 2016, you can undoubtably grab yourself new and inspiring ideas for your perfect wedding cake.

Dirty Iced Cakes

Dirty-iced (also known as crumb coating/naked cakes or half dressed cakes) have definitely been so trendy the past few years. A dirty iced cake is essentially a thin layer of icing that traps in all the cake crumbs before frosting.

Cake Blog. final
A dirty iced cake is left bare with no frosting on top but simply decorated with some florals or a cake topper.

Cake Blog-2

Cheese Cake

The cheese wedding cake is now well established and if you love cheese more than fruit cake then why not chose this and make a visual statement with your cheese course. Decorate a cheese celebration cake well and it’ll be stunning and certainly the centre of attention.

Cake Blog-3

Traditional Iced Cake

The traditional iced wedding cake is a statement piece of its own and is made up of a stack of fruit or sponge cake, dressed in icing or marzipan and then decorated traditionally with flowers/cake toppers or both. Keeping the detail on these cakes to a minimum gives a simple yet elegant statement on your wedding day.

Cake Blog-4

Quirky Cakes

Quirky wedding cakes are becoming more popular as couples are putting a twist on the traditional cakes and creating something that is personal to them. It might be a quirky cake that links to the theme of the table settings, something sentimental to you as a couple or something to represent an event that is yet to happen.

Cake Blog-5Whatever your style of wedding cake, here at Lindsey Arber Photography we believe every aspect of your masterpiece should be considered. When you’ve spent so much time planning your wedding day and the detail on your cake you want to be sure that the final “cutting the cake” shot is perfect so we have some points to consider when deciding on an area to place your wedding cake:

  • Making sure the lighting around the cake is nice and bright is really important, so try not to leave the cake stood over in the corner of the room where no-one can see it, after all you’ve put far too much effort into it to not show it off. Placing your cake next to a window can make a nice background as the natural light will highlight the details nicely.
  • Think about the background behind your wedding cake, is there a nice space for you to stand to be able to get that perfect shot? is the wall behind you nicely lit? Even consider bringing your cake away from the wall to include more of the room set up in the photos.
  • Consider the surroundings, make sure you are happy with every detail thats surrounding your wedding cake, so that when you have your final images through, everything is just as perfect as you planned. For example if there is a fire exit sign that might be distracting then maybe this isn’t the right place for your cake.

To discuss your photography requirements or if you have any questions please contact us here at Lindsey Arber Photography and we will be happy to assist you.