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The recent goings on at Lindsey Arber Photography!

Friday, August 17th, 2018

You may have noticed it has been a while since my last blog post! Which is down to being very busy both work wise and personally. So this blog is all about letting you know of the recent goings on at Lindsey Arber Photography.

Last Summer-

So last summer was a busy one with lots of beautiful weddings, a very busy studio and all whilst being pregnant with baby Finley. He is turning 6 months as of next Friday (where did that time go?!). At the end of 2017 over the Christmas break, I made the decision to close the studio and focus on the wedding photography side of the business. The studio side of Lindsey Arber Photography was going really well and proving popular however I realised I just wouldn’t be able to meet the demand anymore. My decision to focus on weddings meant I could have a better balance of being a mum but could also carry on doing what I love in photographing lots more weddings! 

Finley & 2018 so far-

Finley made his appearance in February of this year and is just amazing! My first wedding of the year was when he was just 7 weeks old and I am so glad I got straight back in to it. My lovely bride and groom of this particular wedding actually invited him along to the day to make it that bit easier which was so thoughtful of them. Luckily he was really well behaved and had a chilled day taking it all in…and mostly sleeping! 

I’d decided to keep 2018 a bit quieter on the wedding bookings front as I knew I would still be getting in to the swing of having Finley around. I have still been lucky enough to have some truly beautiful weddings with couples who have made me and my second shooters feel so welcome. I have lots of photos to share from each of the weddings so far, so keep an eye on our social media platforms for updates of our recent work.

Changes & Updates moving forward-

2018 has also seen an update to the website which I hope you all like! It is an ongoing task as and when time allows. These decisions always take time but its something that I like to try and perfect whenever a new idea comes to mind, so hopefully worth the wait. What with now focusing on wedding photography, I felt a new logo was needed to better represent where the brand of Lindsey Arber Photography was heading moving forward. As you can see its all about the greys and rose golds. Keeping things simple and elegant to show you are choosing a high end service when booking with us for your wedding photography. 

Its exciting to see what the remainder of this years weddings have in store for us, as well as our 2019 & 2020 weddings which are filling up nicely. 

One thing I do keep getting asked about are my Autumn Mini Sessions. These have proven very popular for family portraits over the last few years so I will continue to offer these. The clue is in the name that these take place in the Autumn and I will be sharing details of dates and prices very soon for all of you who have been wondering. 

I would love it if you did continue to follow us and to keep up to date with our latest work. If you know of anyone getting married who is yet to book their wedding photographer, then why not put us in touch. x 

Monique & Matt’s Pre Shoot

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

So its been a little while since Monique & Matt’s Pre Shoot back in May but as I was backing up some jobs and had another look through, I just had to share some more with you.

This lovely couple will be getting married in September and I can’t wait to get back to the church in Great Bowden to take more photos. We should by then also have some autumnal colours on the trees which will only add to the photos even more (I have mentioned this a few times before BUT Autumn is my favourite time of the year!).

After their ceremony on the day it will be on to Foxton Locks for the celebrations with their guests, which means even more photo opportunities…in between canapés and bubbles that is!

Booking a Pre Shoot in before your wedding day is always a good idea as it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other a bit, to talk through your plans of the day and to try out some of the photo ideas before the day itself. Pre Shoots are always relaxed and fun! Chatting and laughing our way through was definitely something we did for this session.

Here are some more of my favourites from their Pre Wedding Shoot…PreShoot_001 PreShoot_007 PreShoot_011 PreShoot_015 PreShoot_017

The Wedding Photographs You Must Have Taken on Your Big Day

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

When it comes to putting together a list of wedding photographs you want taken on your big day, the chances are the list is looooong!

In this blog post I’ve put together 10 wedding photographs that you must make sure are taken! These are the snaps that will capture some of those super-special moments from your big day so you can look back and reminisce in the months and years following your wedding.

1. Bridal Prep – This wedding photo will capture the excitement, nerves and emotional build up before the ceremony.

bridal preparation

2. Groom and his Groomsmen (pre ceremony) – The bride in particular will love to look back on this one. These photos capture the bond between the groom and his groomsmen and will show the nerves, anticipation and excitement building.

Groom and Groomsmen pre-wedding ceremony

3. The Finer Details – Make sure some photos of the more intricate parts of your wedding day are taken. These snaps might be of your table decorations, the detail on your dress or even your wedding shoes.

Detailed shots

4. Your wedding flowers or bouquets – Ideally these photos will be taken before the wedding ceremony starts or before your bouquet makes its way down the aisle, this way the flowers will be in pristine condition when the photos are taken.

Bridal flowers

5. Your wedding rings – The way this wedding photo can be taken can vary. Personally, I like to take a photo of the rings when they’re being held by the best man.

Wedding rings

6. Walking down the aisle – The way this wedding photo can be taken can also vary. You can have the photos taken from behind, capturing a stunning gown, or your photos can capture your guests looking on in awe or even of the groom and the look on his face as he sees his bride coming down the aisle.

walking down the aisle

7. Your first kiss as husband wife – This is an absolute classic wedding photo! Not only will it capture your first moment as husband and wife, it will also capture all the joy, relief and excitement of finally becoming husband and wife!

first kiss wedding photograph

8. The Group Wedding Photo – This is a nice quick one that captures the whole wedding party. You can make this one fun too!


9. Your room set-up – Make sure you capture all the hard work and detail that went into making your room look stunning. Piccies of the table decorations and favours are ones not to forget, don’t forget to get piccies of your cake too!

room set up wedding photograph

10. The First Dance – This is often one of the most emotional parts of a wedding, so make sure it’s captured in your wedding photos. Your guests will be looking on, probably teary eyed, and the bride and her groom will be looking blissfully happy!

first dance wedding photograph

There are tons more pictures to have taken on your big day! For more ideas get in touch with me.

I’m a friendly and experienced wedding photographer based in Desborough who covers Northamptonshire weddings. If you’d like more info, just contact me, I would love to be a part of your big day.

Northamptonshire Wedding Venues for Jaw-Dropping Wedding Photographs

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

You’ll pick your wedding venue based on lots of things like availability, cost, location and … about a million other things. One of the things that might be on your checklist when it comes to choosing a wedding venue might be the kind of wedding photos you’ll be able to have taken on the big day. In this blog post I’m sharing some of the best venues in our Northamptonshire area where you’ll be able to have some stunning photos taken.

1- Kelmarsh Hall, Kelmarsh Near Market Harborough. This luxury wedding venue has tons of brilliant wedding photo settings. Kelmarsh Hall is set in lots of secluded gardens, and has a beautiful orangery that would make for great piccies at any time of year. There are also areas which are raised enough that will allow your wedding photographer to take that all import photo where your whole wedding party is captured.

2- Rockingham Castle, Rockingham Near Market Harborough. The castle itself obviously provides an incredible backdrop for wedding photographs, but this venue is also perfect for the bride and groom who want open fires or hunting trophies in the background of their snaps.

3- Lyveden New Build, Near Corby, Northamptonshire. The ruin of Lyveden New Build, which is set in acres of secluded, hilly countryside will provide a setting for some stunning wedding photographs. As the building is only a ruin the snaps end up being rather magical, and almost ghostly – but in a good way!

4- Rushton Hall, Near Desborough, Northamptonshire. The ornate mansion that is Rushton Hall will most definitely lead to some wonderful wedding photographs. The drawing room, with its high ceilings and windows, make an excellent background for photos. The library also provides a very grand setting for your wedding and the photos.

5- Barton Hall Hotel, Near Kettering. With a grade 1 listed orangery which dates back to the 16th Century, Barton Hall offers the perfect backdrop for your civil ceremony. With nearly three acres of landscaped grounds, Barton Hall which was renovated to its former glory in 2012, makes an idyllic setting for weddings.

6- Highgate House, Near Northampton. This 17th century country house has endless photo opportunities with it’s 26 acres of grounds. With a choice of three licensed ceremony rooms which all offer something different in taste, the venue can cater to a variety of tastes.

7- Whittlebury Hall, Near Towcester, Northamptonshire. This is another luxury venue where you’ll be able to have some awesome pictures taken. The venue is set in plenty of landscaped grounds, as well as having an orangery – which always look great in wedding photos.

8- Harrowden Hall Near Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. This hall dates right back to the 18th Century and its landscaped gardens, as well as the building itself, that will make your wedding photographs extra special. There are two sets of gardens – the first being more landscaped and formal, and the second more romantic, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to getting some outdoor wedding shots.

9- Dodmoor House, Weedon Near Northampton. This listed building, with its converted barns, will mean you have plenty of choice when it comes to deciding where to have your wedding photos taken. The barns, and their restored beams are truly stunning, and the idyllic landscaped gardens offer many great wedding photo opportunities. The towering oak tree and the Grand Union Canal are particularly impressive.

10- Dodford Manor, Dodford Near Northampton. A country house barn wedding venue surrounded by the stunning Northamptonshire countryside. This recently restored barn is a mixture of 17th century stone and contemporary oak which compliment its rural setting.

It was really hard to put this post together, picking only 10 venues, as our county really has some beautiful settings which can offer the perfect backdrop to your wedding photographs.

To make sure you get the most from your venue when it comes to wedding photographs make sure both you and your wedding photographer are familiar with the location and its rules. Talk beforehand about what you both like the look of, so on the day you can relax knowing your photographer is going to take all the pictures you need.

If you’re worried your venue might not offer a great setting for your wedding piccies – don’t worry – your wedding photographer should be a pro at finding great spots for photos. Our trained eyes seek out good photo opportunities easily!

I’m a friendly and experienced wedding photographer based in Desborough who covers Northamptonshire weddings. I’m very familiar with lots of other Northamptonshire wedding venues, so if you’d like more info, just contact me, I would love to be a part of your big day.

Perfect Props for your Wedding Photographs

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Wedding photographs are one of the best ways in which your wedding can be treasured and re-lived. Photos of the magic moment when you both walk down the aisle having said your vows, or the photos showing you both being showered in confetti by those you love can’t be beaten, but once the ‘serious’ part of your wedding is done, there’s most probably going to be a party of some sort where your nearest and dearest can get ‘merry’ – and the photos capturing these moments are priceless!

To make these evening wedding shots even more hilarious you can provide your wedding guests with some props to use in the photos! There is no need to provide a photobooth, instead some simple, cheap props will get everyone laughing even harder – both when the photos are being taken, and after, when everyone gets to see them!

I’ve put together a short list of photo props you can use to make your wedding snaps just that bit more memorable, and they won’t cost the earth either:

Comedy Moustaches, Glasses, Lips and Noses: These are a popular choice and they often come on a stick which means your guests can hold them up easily before taking, or having, photos taken.

Signs and Sayings: Giving your guests a number of boards with signs or sayings will also get everyone laughing. Phrases such as: “don’t worry girls, I’m still single”, “hot couple”, “team bride” will make a great talking and laughing point on your wedding day.

Chalkboards: You could even provide your guests with small chalkboards and chalk, this will allow them to write or draw anything they wish. This is an excellent one that really shows how ‘merry’ everyone gets as the party goes on.

Empty Photo Frames: Giving your wedding guests a number of empty frames will let them pose as groups or individuals within them. Heart-shaped frames, or even frames that have the date of your wedding on will make your photos even more special.

All of these wedding photo props can be bought online. A good idea might be to check out used props on websites like eBay or in Facebook groups in your area. They’ll cost a bit less than if you were to buy them new, and seeing as you’ll only use them once, and people using them may well be tipsy, any damage or spillages on the props won’t matter.

For more ideas on wedding photo props you can use, or even wedding photo ideas, contact me. I’m an experienced wedding photographer based in Desborough covering the Northamptonshire area including Kettering, Northampton and Market Harborough. You can find out more about my wedding photography service here.

10 Fun, But Simple, Wedding Photo Ideas

Friday, January 8th, 2016

If you want to add a bit of fun to your wedding photographs, here are 10 really simple, but fun, wedding photo ideas for you! They’ll get your guests laughing, and will make your wedding day even more memorable:

1. Add some props! This is a really easy one: providing your guests with wigs, moustaches and comedy glasses is a great way of getting everyone laughing, plus it has the added bonus of being cheap and easy to do too!

2. Bring in family generations! Photos of a bride, her Mum and her Grandmother is a common photo choice, and quite rightly so! Take it to another level by having a photo of the three generations holding hands, or of their wedding rings! This is truly touching, but so easy!

3. A ‘thank you’ photo! This is perfect for thank you cards.  You and your groom or bride hold a piece of card that reads ‘thank you’. This wedding photo can then form your thank you cards!

4. Matching socks, pyjamas, t-shirts or dressing gowns for the bridal/groom party! This is a great photo idea, for example, the groom and all of his ushers could be wearing matching socks or pants, or super hero t-shirts under their wedding suits, and this could then be photographed in a fun way, where the groom and his ushers ‘rip’ their shirts open to reveal the superhero t-shirts.

5. Bridal/groom party toasts – this wedding photo, taken before the wedding service itself, will capture the anticipation of the day ahead. The shot could be taken from below to add something extra!

6. A heart shaped crowd photo. You probably plan to have at least one shot of all of your wedding guests, but why not get your guests to make a heart shape, or even spell something out, like you and your partner’s initials, or even “Mr & Mrs”. This will work best if your photographer can get above you for the shots, such as on a balcony.

7. Take a ‘tossing’ shot! Your groom and his ushers could all toss their hats, or the bridesmaids and the bride could all toss their shoes or bouquets, into the air.

8.  A holding shot! This one is easy, and works just as well if the groom or the bride is being held. Picture the bride and the bridesmaids holding the groom across them! It’ll tickle your guests and makes a great photo for the wedding album.

9. A kissing shot! You will no doubt have lots of wedding photos where you and your other half are kissing, but take the love up a level and get your wedding party to show the love too. You could have a shot where everybody grabs their partner and gives them a smooch!

10.  ‘How you met’ boards/signs. This one is so easy, but so effective. All you need are some small, cheap chalk or whiteboards, then your bridesmaids or ushers can all write how they know you or where they met you, for example: big sis, little bro, BFF, uni, primary school.

I’ve got tons of other ideas to share, just contact me, and I can talk through them as well as the rest of your wedding photography ideas.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, and your wedding is based in Kettering, Desborough, Market Harborough or in the Northamptonshire area, please do get in touch. I’d love to meet you to show you what I could do for you, and would love to talk through your wedding photography ideas. You can find my contact details here. If you’d like to find out more about my wedding photography service, you can read more here.